SEO And PPC Integration

PPC & SEO can look pretty similar from a difference and you may wonder why you would use both. Today we’ll unpack the key strengths and weaknesses of each, and show you how to combine the two for a super effective marketing campaign.

We’ll start by exploring how these two campaigns differ.

We’ll talk about rankings, and how users may treat organic results and paid ads differently in the search engine results. We’ll explore how budgets differ with bidding on keywords versus paying for an SEO service. Then we’ll talk about the vastly different timelines of PPC & SEO.

After that we’ll explore the ways that you can use them together! Effectively being able to double the data you can analyze and also being able to increase visibility and dominate the search engine results pages.

Last, we’ll give you the tools you need to help you determine if you should invest in both. We’ll talk about your budget, your business goals, and lastly your current marketing strategy.

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